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Our mission is to make positive causes stronger and eradicate negative causes completely, to achieve mundane and supermundane success in lives of everyone.

Meditate Me to Right Path was born with the guidance of the Universe. Our purpose is explained very well in the home page. When we give professional consultations, our goal is to help our customers to achieve a prosperous and happy life in every birth


There are different categories of current problems that have been forwarded to us by the universe to serve our customers. They have to go through this kind of dilemmas or suffering in their present lives, due to bad karma (intentional bad actions) they have done in their past and present lives. Throughout our coaching sessions we offer number of tools, techniques and guidance to eradicate the causes of the of their problems with suitable and necessary merits. 


We provide an unique approach for each customer to enhance their good karma and eradicate their bad karmic effects; 

  • Good karmic effect : The consequences that you experience in or in front of your six doors due to your past or present good intentional actions.

  • Bad Karmic effect : The consequences that you experience in or in front of your six doors due to your past or present bad intentional actions. 


The services we provide;

  1. Life Coaching for young children and young adults (Age under 18) - After finding both good and bad karmic effect on each child, we can offer coaching for issues related to addictions, depression, anxiety, exam stress, bullying, or any chronic problems within children. We can also guide children who are interested in meditation and help them to develop their spiritual pathways even at a very young age while helping to eradicate their negative karmic effects.​

  2. Life Coaching for Relationship issues face by married couples - As of today, we see many couples are facing infidelity and divorce problems, issues with parents and children, family entanglement issues, unhappiness within the marriage, abusive and alcoholic and drug addicted partner issues. 

  3. Life Coaching for unmarried/cohabitating couples - We offer Coaching for problems of infidelity or any other relationship issues for unmarried/cohabitating couples. We can help people to find their matching partner based on their karma. Those karmic effects 

  4. Life Coaching for Senior Adults (Over 65) - Coaching for seniors' are going to focus on the areas of spiritual enhancement, guidance to avoid loneliness, overcome the worries of ageing and death or any other mental health issues that they are currently facing. 

  5. Spiritual coaching - We guide on your spiritual journey without any age limit. We try our best to navigate our customers to achieve their spiritual goals. 

  6. Personality coaching- In personality coaching we are looking to enhance the individuals personal traits (both in the areas of mundane and supermundane) by examining their karmic effects. Our aim is to build on your strengths and eradicate weaknesses and help you grow and achieve success as an individual.

  7. Life Coaching for Paranormal victims - We aim to help paranormal victims who are unable to grow spiritually. We know there are silent sufferers around the world due to paranormal activities. Some are aware of what they are facing but some are not. We are looking to help those who are affected with different methods and guidances. Our solution is tailored for each individuals karma to overcome the situation. We charge a variable rate for this service as it is mainly based on the depth of the issue and the removal procedure.

  8. Family coaching for Paranormal houses - If you are unable to live in your current house due to unexplained activities we are here to help. We often see many people leave their own home or suffering physically and emotionally due to the existing paranormal activities in their family home. We are looking to help those affected families to eradicate the situation. Our solution is tailored for each individuals karma in the household to overcome the situation. The charges for this service is varied based on the depth of the issue and the removal procedure. 

  9. Continues life coaching support for any age range - We understand it is critical to find a trustworthy person to discuss your problems and thoughts about any ongoing issues you are currently facing in life. We are a friendly team and willing to offer help around the clock.  Those who wish to receive support in any related on going issue on a weekly or monthly basis we are looking forward to help you 24/7.

  10. Spiritual reading from the Universe - This session will help you to find answers to your burning questions directly from the universe, based on your planetary position. We kindly ask you to select questions that is relevant to you or your loved ones life. 

We provide powerful coaching sessions to our best ability. We strongly believe the types of services we offer are rare and incomparable. We welcome you all irrespective from any religion, belief, race or culture from any where in the world. 


Anjali - With a first class degree in Psychology and Postgraduate diploma in Counselling and Psychology, Anjali holds an extensive professional experience in Clinical psychology and private counselling sessions, advising for vast number of clients based in Canada, Sri-Lanka, Australia and United Kingdom. She has treated many patients in Digana rehabilitation Hospital and Lake side Hospital in Sri-Lanka. She is a motivational speaker and a life coach; fluent in number of languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil and Sinhala. She also specialize in the areas of child psychology, clinical psychology, education psychology, career counselling, Psychology for addictions and cancer and Buddhist psychology. She is a passionate life and spiritual coach continually looking to help as many people around the world. 


Pulani - Pulani is a CIMA Management Accountant and a Masters degree holder and an Entrepreneur in Financial Service sector, holding an extensive experience in Business, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Start-ups. Her earlier career life at Lloyds of London gave plenty of experience in Business and Finance, team culture, work ethics, 9-5 work life balance and career and other work related issues. Having undergone life changing lessons she experienced in the past decade, she now have turned in to a passion to build a coaching practice to help number of individuals around the world. She is a life, spiritual and a business coach with a passion to help as many people to achieve greater success and happiness in this life and beyond.



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