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By treating to enhance GOOD CAUSES to achieve GOOD EFFECTS or to remove 

BAD CAUSES to eradicate the BAD EFFECTS


Welcome To Meditate Me To Right Path 

Lifestyle Modification | Better Mental Health | Master Physical Health  |

Achieve Economic Prosperity |

Open Up Transcendental Path Through Spiritual Guidance

The biggest challenges we face in our lives today can distract us from proper paths to spiritual or materialistic destination as you wish. Some of these challenging or complicated issues can be resolved by ourselves; but some of them are unable to be resolve without proper professional and spiritual guidance.

The good or bad consequences that we encounter to our six doors (eye, ear, nose, tongue, skin “in and out of the whole body” and the mind) are the results of our good or bad intentional actions that we have done in this life or in past lives. Good intentional actions are defined as merits and bad intentional actions are called sins. Intentional bad actions (sins) are caused by our defilements. There is a cause behind in every effect that living beings are facing.

We provide professional help to overcome bad consequences that our customers are facing. Besides that we will show different paths for them to follow to get better consequences in their lives with our professional or spiritual guidance to select good intentional actions for them to do.

Medical doctors have to give exact antibiotic or antifungal drugs to remove bacteria or fungus causing diseases to our body. In the same way if people want to remove bad consequences that they face in their present or future lives, they have to do the exact meritorious act or deed in the right order. I will give you a good example. If you want to open up a lotus flower without damage by your hand you have to open petal by petal from outside to inside in a proper order.

Our primary aim in the ‘Meditate Me To Right Path' is to help you remove the bad karmic effects you face and continue to enhance the good karmic effect you are currently experiencing. Our mission is to find the causes and effects those operate in our customer’s lives in their past, present, and future existences. 

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